Pay Less Than You Owe

The debt negotiation program from Level One Law may enable you to pay off your creditors more rapidly than if you merely made the minimum payments.

There are many benefits of negotiating your debts. These include paying only a percentage of what you owe, getting out of debt faster than with minimum payments, and paying one monthly sum lower than minimum payments to each creditor.

Suppose any of your creditors decide to take legal action to collect on a debt. In that case, you will have representation by an attorney. In addition, the Level One Law program provides additional advantages by providing you with a  free one-on-one consultation before your commit to the program and oversight of your whole program by a licensed attorney in your state.

The Debt Negotiation Solution

Debt collectors’ frequent demands for partial payments and the downsides of bankruptcy may both feel like the wrong choice, but what else can you do? You can not keep doing things the way you are if you can not pay your present debts. Something has to change.

Due to the risk and expense involved, creditors are typically more interested in negotiating a settlement than going through collecting on outstanding payments. However, debt negotiation is not an easy process. It can get emotional and heated, so it’s best to have an attorney fight for the best possible settlement.

The Debt Negotiation Strategy

Debt negotiation is a process that aims to minimize the amount of money you owe to your creditors as well as alter the conditions of your original agreement. An agreement to settle your outstanding debt at a substantially lesser amount than what you now owe may be reached.

Unlike debt counseling and consolidation, which compel you to repay all of your debt, the debt negotiation process can drastically modify the rate at which you become debt-free.

The first step toward a successful settlement is demonstrating your financial distress. A statement explains why you cannot meet your monthly payments and why creditors should agree upon new conditions.

In our work, we’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of numerous creditors, and we know which approaches will work best with them. Because of this, we will work with you to find a creditor acceptable monthly payment that is within your financial capabilities. It’s then up to us to negotiate on your behalf with the creditor to achieve this.

Work with Level One Law

Debt relief is something we do regularly for clients like you. We know how to obtain results while still giving you the individualized attention you expect from a reputable debt reduction agency. Contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation to learn more about how we may assist you with your financial condition.